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Current Lab Members
Clare Parish Lab members

Prof. Clare Parish

Principle Investigator

Dr. Cameron Hunt

Postdoctoral researcher

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Dr. Niamh Moriarty

Postdoctoral reseracher

Isabelle de Luzy

Postgraduate PhD student

Kevin Law.jpg

Kevin Law

Postgraduate PhD student


Brianna Xuereb

Research Assistant

Mong Tien.jpg

Mong Tien

Research Assistant

Lab Alumni

Carlos Gantner

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Vanessa Penna

Dr. Jessica Kauhausen 

Clare Parish Lab members Jonathan Niclis

Dr. Jonathan Niclis

Dr. Walaa Alsanie

Dr. Brette Blakely

Dr. Christopher Bye

Dr. Ting-Yi Wang


Dr. Lachlan Thompson

Florey Neuroscience Institute, Melbourne

Dr. David Nisbet

Australian National University, Canberra

Prof. Colin Pouton

Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Melbourne

Dr. Mirella Dottori

The University of Melbourne

Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Rodger

The University of Western Australia, Perth

Dr. Marnie Blewitt

Walter & Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne

Prof. Ernest Arenas

Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Prof. Andras Simon

Karolinska Institute, Sweden

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